Love Wins: Australia Votes 'Yes' to Same-Sex Marriage

Yes to equality, yes to love!

Australia has FINALLY made same-sex marriage possible. With the poll votes in and the majority of citizens welcoming the legalisation of same-sex marriage, Australia is set to pass the bill in parliament by mid-December.

If the bill is passed, Australia will be the 26thΒ country to decriminalise same-sex marriage. It’s strange to think that in 2017 we’re still debating protection, freedom and equality for the LGBTQ community. Making marriage legal for the LGBTQ community makes equality a requirement by the law, and not just a suggestion, with actual consequences for discrimination.

The government survey included 12,7-million Australians, with a voting turnout of 79,5%Β and while it may not be legally binding, it does show the overwhelming support for same-sex marriage.

Almost 62% of voters said yes to legalising same-sex marriage and 38,4% of people were against the bill. It’s a huge deal for a country that kept the LGBTQ community subjugated until as recently as 1997. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the results of the vote, reportedly saying, β€˜The Australian people have spoken, and they have voted overwhelmingly “yes” for marriage equality.’ Turnbull described the impact of allowing people who aren’t heterosexual to love one another, openly, freely and under the same safety of the law. β€˜[The Australian people] voted “yes” for fairness, they voted “yes” for commitment, they voted “yes” for love.’

As we’ve seen in South Africa, a country with one of the best Constitutions in the world, there’s a gap between legislation and reality. It’s one thing to be protected by the written law but it’s another thing to be respected, treated with dignity and humanised by a society that once criminalised your identity.

Thousands gathered, cried and embraced each other at Prince Alfred Park in Sydney as soon as the announcement was made. It’s a historical day and a cornerstone moment for the LGBTQ community across the world. It may take revolution, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, but meaningful equality is possible and as we’ve seen today, it can even be celebrated. Yay for love!

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