Akon is creating Akon City in Senegal with his own cyptocurrency Akoin

Apparently it will run entirely on renewable energy

Senegalese singer Akon has just finalised plans for Akon City in Senegal. It will have its own cypto-currency called Akoin, and he claims it will be eco-friendly.

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He looks forward to hosting us there

So no jokes, Akon has just finalised the agreement for his own city in Senegal. In an Instagram post this week, he poses with two Senegalese officials, pen in hand. With the paperwork done and dusted, the artist says he is ‘looking forward to hosting you there in the future’:

Talk about goals.

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He claims it will run on 100% renewable energy

Apparently, Akon City will be green AF. Impressively, the singer claims that, once it’s built up, it will be the first city to run on 100% renewable energy, he told Nick Cannon. Get it, Akon! We are here for this eco-friendly endeavour.

The city is envisioned to be Senegal’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) city, Billboard reports.


Akon, who is from Senegal, says the city will be built up in phases over 10 years. It’s been in construction since March last year.

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Akoin, the cryptocurrency

So plans for this city have been coming along for some time now. And it’s looking to be pretty self-sufficient. Not only is the plan for it to run on renewable power, but it will also have its own airport.

However, one of the things that Akon himself is most excited about is Akon City’s own cryptocurrency, called Akoin.

It sounds like a science fiction movie, right? Well, it’s happening irl. And we’re so ready to see this eco-friendly African empire unfold.

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