Racist Adam Catzavelos Must Cough Up R150 000 For His Racist Beach Rant

Nothing better than racist-free beaches

Known racist Adam Catzavelos finally has to pay for his racist rant on that Greek beach. The viral video may have blown over, but he is not off the hook.

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Pay What You Owe, Adam

Ya’ll remember that disgusting video on a beach in Greece last year in which a man belted out the k-word? Yip, he’s finally being held accountable. Adam Catzavelos has to pay R150 000 according to a settlement with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).


Adam has 30 months to pay this fine. It seems he’s been given a more lenient fine. News24 reports that he was previously hit with R200 000 over 20 months.

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That Video and The Response Videos

In the video, Adam expressed joy that there were no black people on the beach. He described the weather while on holiday, saying: ‘Not one k****r in sight. F***ing heaven on earth… You cannot beat this!’

Naturally, it went viral and there was outrage (obviously). But there were also some top-tier clap backs on social media. Like this one:


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Nothing Better Than Racist-Free Beaches

Imagine lying on the beach, with perfect weather and… not a racist in sight. Wouldn’t that be nice?


But will people like Adam Catzavelos and Penny Sparrow ever learn their lesson?

Adam’s lawyer says: “We do not agree with the decision and we have since made representations to the NDPP and we will await that outcome.”

We’ll have to wait until 2 October to find out what happens next. But our Minister of Arts and Culture is all for Adam paying for his sins:

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