5-Star Frenglish

Fashion challenges come in all shapes and sizes.

The first fashion challenge began with having to iron five crates and three suitcases full of fabulous fashion: the plug on my iron would not fit their sockets.

So as one does when staying at a 5-star hotel, I call housekeeping and ask for an iron to be brought to my room.
The housekeeper, alarmed at my request of wanting to do my own ironing, tells me she will send someone immediately to collect my suit.

`No dear` I reply, `it is not a suit, but three suitcases (I don`t have the heart to tell her about the crates). `No problem Madame. I will send someone immediately.`

Well I don`t know if that someone came and saw the amount of ironing and fled in fear, but I am still waiting for her to arrive.

The second fashion challenge arose when trying to order a Sundae as a prop for the Pringle swimwear shoot, and the bartender had no idea what I was on about.
`Please can I have a Sundae?`
`No, it is Thursday.`

Fashion is a tricky business.

Check out all the photographs, shot by our official photographer Anthony Friend. And these are the pix we’re not going to use…

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Day 1
Day 2