17 Things You Only Tell Your BFF

The good, the bad and the ugly

Good, bad or ugly, there are some things you can only tell – or ask – your BFF (before even thinking of running them by anyone else). That’s what she’s there for!

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I really need to get off the Pill. It’s making me so fat.
2 Please check what my ex is doing on Facebook. I blocked him but I feel like torturing myself.
3 How many people have you had sex with?

4 Does this make me look like a slut?
5 That’s a terrible outfit. It makes your bum disappear.

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6 I slept with my ex again.
7 I told you to break up with him. He’s such an asshole!
8 I totally faked it last night…

9 My boobs look weird. Do you have innie or outie nipples?

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10 Do I have stuff in my teeth?
11 This one time I had sex and…

12 I have such bad PMS – I’m not going out tonight.
13 Can I wear that?
14 Is it weird if I buy the same dress and shoes as you?

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15 I think I’m pregnant.
16 Do you think I’m a bitch? Be honest.
17 If you are still single when we’re 60, let’s get married.

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