15 Lessons We Learnt from 'Almost Famous'

“Hold me closer tiny dancer”

Fifteen years ago Almost Famous came out, starring Kate Hudson and Patrick Fugit. It follows a young, aspiring music writer as he tours with an up-and-coming rock band. The movie will make you cry, laugh and sing Elton John tunes at the top of your lungs. Here are 15 lessons we learnt from the movie.

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1. ‘Journalists are the enemy’, according to rock stars,  and ‘to be a true rock journalist, you need to be honest and unmerciful, according to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

2. There is a difference between groupies and band aids. Groupies just sleep with the band and band aids inspire and ‘live’ the music.

3. ‘Famous people are just more interesting.’

4. You can get away with any phone conversation by saying, ‘This is the maid speaking, by the way.’

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5. Tiny Dancer is a magnificent song that will speak to your soul.

6. Every musician wants to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Fact.

7. Listen to your older sibling. Seriously.

8. ‘Rock stars are not your friends.’

9. Call your mom more often. She may annoy the hell out of you but she loves you no matter what.

10. There’s no problem too big for music to fix. ‘And if you ever get lonely, you can just go to the record store and visit your friends.’

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11. You need a great fake name like Penny Lane.

12. ‘If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt.’ Words have never been truer.

13. Don’t wait until the person you love is dying before you tell them how you feel.

14. Life-threatening situations always bring out the truth.

15. Always make an entrance.

If you have yet to watch this movie, do so immediately. You are missing out.

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