11 People You Should Unfriend on Facebook

Time to clean up your Facebook and accept the fact that you can’t actually have 700 friends. These people shouldn’t be on your friends list ever again.

Time to clean up your Facebook page and accept the fact that you can’t actually have 700 friends. These people shouldn’t be on your friends list ever again.

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1. The ex that broke your heart.
Keeping an ex on Facebook to show them what they are missing is just a stupid idea. You will end up seeing them move on and get even more hurt, so don’t be stubborn and delete him!

2. The girl who tortured you in high school.
Just because you have all grown up doesn’t forgive all past crimes. You leave high school, you get a job and you move out, but there will always be that girl.

3. Your best friend’s ex.
Show some love for your BFF by deleting that dirt bag who hurt her.

4. Your ex’s best friend
You broke up with his friend. This shouldn’t be a thing.

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5. Anyone you met in a bathroom while drunk.
No friendships can ever be formed while drunk in a bathroom. Fact.

6. The hippie posting spiritual messages CONSTANTLY.
You seem really happy and positive. We’re genuinely stoked for you. But there are only so many times we can hear about the power of crystal healing.

7. The woman who can’t stop having babies.
Posting unnecessarily gross pictures of her giving birth? Baby covered in placenta or breast feeding? NO THANKS!

8. Friends who like the Jersey Shore fan page.
We may find ourselves watching this drivel when there is nothing else. But anyone who searches for the fan page, and then likes it… This is just wrong!

9. That person who can’t stop complaining and ranting.
Ever heard of Twitter?

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10. The overactive activist.
We care for our earth and all living things but posting pictures of emaciated animals and abused women and children doesn’t do it for me on a Monday morning.

11. That dude you had a one-night stand with, like, six years ago.
You had to friend him afterwards? Really?

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