We Vibe

The We-Vibe gives new meaning to ‘hands free’ in the sex toy industry.

This spunky, innovative sex toy that stimulates both you and your partner while you’re having sex, gives new meaning to ‘hands free’ and ‘wireless’.

Whether you want to go it alone or experience something new with your man, the We-Vibe stimulates you both externally and internally. Forget the hard, plastic dildos and bulky vibrators of the past, this silicone-based dual-stimulator is small, soft and can conform to your shape with ease. Watch the instructional video here.

Only 8.25cm long, 2.5cm wide and weighing 60g, the We-Vibe is ideal when travelling. You don’t need to buy batteries either; it comes with built-in rechargeable cells.

The We-Vibe costs between R1 490 and R1 900, and is available at Whet Sensuality Emporium, The Pink Boudoir, The Bedroom, Lola Montez and through clinical sexologist Leandie Buys.