The Joystick Joyride

This move is perfect for the independent woman

How it`s done Your man lies on the bed or floor on his back with his (relaxed) arms above his head. Straddle him and slide your legs straight out and forwards, so your feet are on either side of his chest. Hold on to his shins or push against the floor for leverage and start swivelling your hips in figure-of-eight motions – you’ll be moving his penis around inside you as you would a joystick for a video game.

Why you`ll love it This move is perfect for the independent woman, giving you tons of freedom and adding an exciting twist to the standard in-and-out motion. You control the speed, direction and overall activity level, and (because you’re swivelling) your boobs will be bouncing north, south, east and west – an exhibitionist’s dream.