The Hottest Ways To Touch Him There

Show off your sex goddess skills with our package-pleasing tricks

What if we said there were below-the-belt sensations guys crave that most women never try? COSMO asked experts to spill their best member moves, and lots of their suggestions mind-blowing. `Many women don`t push the envelope when touching a man`s penis since they`re afraid of hurting him,` says Ian Kerner, author of He Comes Next. `As a result, he isn`t getting ultimate satisfaction.` Sure, penis pleasuring can be baffling. Some guys are supersensitive, and certain techniques won`t be enjoyable for every man. So experiment with these tricks, check with him to see what he likes and what he doesn`t like, and soon you`ll be a bona fide penis genius.


* Rub warming lube between your palms to generate heat. Wrap your hands around his shaft, one hand stacked on top of the other, and gently twist in opposite directions.
* Place two cubes of chilled, flavoured jelly in your mouth before giving him oral for a buoyant sensation that thrills.
* Before oral action, spritz mint anaesthetic throat spray into your mouth. The menthol will give him cool tingles; the anaesthetic will briefly numb his skin so you can increase pressure.
* Bring an ice pop to bed and alternate sucking it and his member.
* Caress his penis and testicles with a damp, warm (not hot) washcloth. Heat will soothe him and amp up blood flow to the area, intensifying sensation.


* Lightly bind your thong around the base of his member. This restricts circulation so his penis becomes engorged and sensitised. Draw tiny circles around the tip using your finger. Men love pressure at the base, along with scintillating stimulation.
* Lick your lips and plant them on the middle of his member. Suck in like a vacuum and slide your mouth up and down while maintaining suction.
* Rub the shaft`s base (where it meets the scrotum) in a circular motion.
* The frenulum (the thin band of skin connecting the guys head and shaft) is one of the most sensitive parts of a guy`s body. Hold it between your thumb and your forefinger and gently pulse.


* Slip on smooth leather, cashmere, or angora gloves. Glide your hand over his shaft, tip and family jewels.
* Loosely wrap his tie around his member as though you were applying a bandage, and leave the head exposed so you can lick and suck it. Once he`s really hot, slooowly unwrap the tie and give him full on oral action.
* While he`s in his underwear, run a vibrator over his shaft.
* Alternate using the top and underside of your tongue during oral.