The Floor Scene In Damage

This X-rated position is guaranteed to give your sex life movie-star quality.

THE SCENE: Jeremy Irons, playing a British MP, demonstrates the perils of shagging in the family. Shortly after being introduced to his son’s beautiful fiancée (played by Juliette Binoche), he meets up with her for an illicit bonk. In her chic black suit, she slithers seductively to the floor and he leaps onto her like a starved wolf, dragging her along the carpet towards him. (Do this clothed, or you’ll get nasty carpet burns!)

AND… ACTION! Your man sits on the floor, one leg bent and the other stretched out for balance. Climb onto him, either extending your legs or pressing your feet together behind his back. Arch your back while thrusting towards him.

Apparently, Juliette didn’t like Jeremy’s dangly bits touching her – but the passionate scene was still very convincing.