The E-Spot

This is the difference between having sex and making love. Touching the G-spot may be orgasmic but hitting the E-spot will turn any good orgasm into a great one!

The key: your emotions are the most powerful sex organ of all. A man who makes you feel emotionally and physically comfortable enough to open up in bed can guarantee hitting the E-spot. He could say ‘I’m mad about you’ over and over again until you come or make you feel as if your little potbelly is the sexiest thing about you. There is no formula but when he’s hit it, you’ll feel it!

Three ways to tell whether he’s hit the G-spot or the E-spot:

1. G-spot: he asks you what turns you on.
E-spot: No need to ask – he’s doing it with everything he says and does.

2. G-spot: After a one-night stand, you’re happy but you are ready to move on.
E-spot: You stay till morning, talking and hoping for repeat performances.

3. G-spot: You SMS or e-mail all your girlfriends to tell them about the night.
E-spot: You’re speechless!