Technical Excellence 2

Master the art of the hand job.


Holding his penis at the base with one hand, use your other hand to circle the top, right on the coronal ridge, so your fingers form a ring. Turn them clockwise. When they have gone as far as possible, lift that hand slightly and, on the very head of the penis, swing the fingers back around to their starting point. Repeat this motion several times.


Hold the penis firmly at the base with one hand. With the other, ring the head between your thumb and forefinger. Slowly and deliberately bring your ‘ring’ up and over the coronal ridge, then take it down to the base again. As you continue with this subtle movement, gradually speed it up for maximum results.


Wrap both hands around the base of the penis, with your fingers and thumbs interlocked. Slowly and methodically move your hands up, squeezing with your palms as you reach the head. Go back down by raising your thumbs to free the penis and letting your hands slip down. Weave the thumbs together again at the bottom and go back up. The idea is to get a machine-like regularity of the stroke.


Form loose rings with the fingers and thumbs of each hand, then repeatedly pull your ringed hands up his penis, one after the other. As one hand gets near the top, the other is about to start pulling up at the bottom. This upward stroke feels particularly sensational and tends to be the way many men start off their own masturbation. You can’t go wrong!


Clasp both your hands around the head of the penis. Squeeze gently, then let go. Pause, then repeat the squeeze. The idea is to imitate the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat. Do this during his ejaculation and try to time it to his contractions, which occur at approximately 0,8-second intervals. Interestingly, the timing of both male and female orgasmic contractions is almost identical – and the total number of contractions both sexes experience during orgasm can increase with age. It seems there is a lot to look forward to…

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