Sex Up Your Bedroom

Bedroom exercise is a good way to spice up a reluctant spring, but you can rig your room to intensify the pleasure.

Ever had one of those embarrassing moments when your housemate finds the handcuffs when she’s looking for the hairdryer? Or been asked to tone it down because ‘some of us like to sleep around here’? Here’s how to keep your love life sexy, and keep it to yourself.

Get a sturdy headboard with padding. There’ll be no loud banging and no bruising, so you can spare yourself those funny looks from the neighbours and your work colleagues.
Invest in an extra length mattress. There’s nothing quite as graceless as falling off your bed when you’re being tossed by your man.
Keep a bottle of fresh water on your nightstand or near your bed for those extra long sessions. Add ice for the kinky ones.
In winter, install a heater, or keep a portable one nearby. You want to shiver from excitement, not cold.
Make sure safety is an arms’ reach away. Don’t hide your condoms in your medicine cabinet behind the cotton wipes and ear buds. It’ll spare you that naked dash to the bathroom while he ends up cooling down.
A decent sound system drowns out most intimate sounds. Just make sure you take Kenny G off repeat.

Sprinkle a few soft, springy cushions for those rough nights of deep impact. Your back will thank you for the extra support.
Overhead lighting is unflattering. Keep your ceiling lights off and instead place chic, free-standing or portable lamps strategically around the room.
Add extra kink with mirrors. They’re a great turn on for most guys and can be mounted on your ceiling. But do think carefully before you have them installed – they can’t be hidden and are quite expensive.
For the progressive, you can purchase a removable dance pole. You can put it up and take it down in minutes, and you won’t be left with awkward questions when your parents drop by unexpectedly.


Place your smaller sex toys discretely around your room. It’s even better if you dedicate a bottom drawer (preferably with a lock) to them so when your house mate is searching for her flat iron she doesn’t stumble upon your rabbit vibe.
Decorative drapes can double as bedpost ornamentation and hand-cuffs/ties. It’ll be kinkier if they’re silk and no one will really know what they’re there for.
Invest in quick-shut blinds. They come in handy for sparring yourself the embarrassment and your neighbour the details during those afternoon quickies.
Lock the door. Lock the door. Lock the door. Need we say more?

Put away your laptop and keep your cellphone on silent, they’re distracting.
There’s no need for video or digital cameras if you haven’t both consented to it.
While dirty talk is a turn on, dirty laundry on display isn’t.
It’s best to keep all clutter to a minimum in your bedroom. It’s noisy, distracting and if things get really playful, can end in cuts and bruises.