Sex Tricks and Treats

Try out these tricks to drive him wild – there’s a treat for you in each one.

Yes, yes, we all like the other person to have a good time, but more than anything sex has to rock our world, otherwise we might as well be at home alone watching old Brad Pitt movies and eyeing the cucumber in the fridge. Try our tricks for driving him wild while at the same time making sure you get lots of yummy, mind-shattering sex treats too.


The way to a man’s penis is through his… everything else.
THE TRICK Shift slowly downwards as if you’re going to give him a long, languorous blow job – but take ages to get around to it. Kiss and lick the line between his penis and his navel, lightly stroke his inner thighs, cup his balls in your hand and trail your fingers over them as you move your hands round the back to tickle and squeeze his buttocks. Let your lips and tongue brush over the crease of his groin and that delicious V leading above his hipbones and breathe gently outwards as your mouth passes his penis. But don’t touch it. When you think he’s about to crack and start telling you state secrets or revealing where the buried pirate treasure is, take him deep into your mouth, sucking firmly and keeping your lips tight as you run your mouth up and down. Don’t forget to use your hands as well. Expect a loud, euphoric groan.
THE TREAT All that time you spend exploring his lower body will let you discover more bits of him that shiver when you touch them. You’ll have so many more ways to get him horny – and you’ll have given him lots of ideas for experimenting with the same places on your body. Enjoy!

The only way to get what you want is to go ahead and take it. And he won’t complain at all if you show him exactly what makes you tick.
THE TRICK As foreplay is heating up, grab him by the shoulders and push him onto his back, climbing forcefully on top of him and putting him inside you. Tell him out loud what you want him to do: ‘Keep your hands by your sides, I’m doing the moving,’ or, ‘I want you to hold my butt now.’ Unless you’re usually Miss Dominatrix he’ll be taken totally by surprise and he’ll get a major thrill out of how badly you want him.
THE TREAT You’re in charge, so you choose the angle of penetration. You’re also in control of how fast, how hard, how deep – and since you’re running the show, you also get to decide how long you want it to last. Watch his face for a vacant expression that may indicate he’s close to coming and, if you still want to go on a bit longer, slow the pace until he’s calmed down a little.

OH, OH, O!
There’s nothing like a bit of oral agreement (verbal, that is) to liven up a sexy session.
THE TRICK If you like what he’s doing, let him know: let heavy breathing become light moaning, then louder moaning, then whispering (you’ve got to keep him guessing), then get as loud as you like and the neighbours can bear. Fewer things are sexier than a compliment – and a shriek in the sack is as big an accolade as a guy could wish for.
THE TREAT A stroke to his ego is often even more effective than a stroke to any other part of him. If he knows you like what he’s doing, the positive reinforcement will keep him at it. Of course, if the bump and grind is getting a bit predictable you could also use this trick to inject more enthusiasm into his thrusting. The louder you’re yelling ‘Oh! Oh!’, the harder he’ll try and the harder he’ll thrust. It’s like your very own volume-control switch – and in the bedroom, you’re in charge of the remote.

What do you prefer doing: washing the dishes or making love to your man?
THE TRICK Think of the thing your man likes doing least, be it fixing the dishwasher or swotting for an exam. The last thing on his mind when he’s doing it is sex, so imagine the thrill he’ll get when you casually perch yourself nearby to eat a healthy piece of fruit. Maybe a banana. Lick your lips, sigh with enjoyment, then put your feet on the table and let your skirt slide up your thigh – whatever will catch his attention. Or, for maximum impact, wait till he’s absorbed in his task, then quietly go off and slither into something skimpy (or nothing at all). Walk over and start pulling off his shirt and unbuttoning his jeans. The kick he’ll get out of an unexpected bonkathon will only be enhanced by the fact that he’s getting out of finishing a dull chore.
THE TREAT He’ll be so taken aback by your out-of-context seduction that he may try out some imaginative new moves of his own. You could even use whatever he was doing to launch the plot line of your very own role-playing porn fantasy. And next time you’re filing the electricity bills or pulling up weeds in the garden, he – inspired by your clever trick – might come up with some ideas for activities that are way more fun.

They sound deliciously sexy but these tasty treats should stay out of your love life:
Honey: Are you thinking golden threads of sweet stuff dripping onto your nipples, ready to be licked and savoured? You’re wrong. Think gooey bodies glued together, tacky sheets and curious ants.
Jelly: Yes, grown women who don’t know better are sometimes persuaded to wrestle in it but wobbly chunks of the multicoloured stuff they serve at kiddies’ birthday parties isn’t sexy. You’ll kill the moment by laughing, and then wish you’d chosen custard instead.
Cream cheese: When you eat it, it’s smooth and tasty, but smear it on skin and it’ll start to dry out and get tacky. And tacky isn’t good for sex play. Neither is cheesy, for that matter.