Sex Goddess In a Mess?

Steer clear of these libido busters and get it on!

Too much alcohol is a depressant and drugs make you want sex but they numb physical sensation – which stops you from enjoying it.
Limit your alcohol intake to one or two glasses and avoid drugs completely. Hone your sexual skills (COSMO sex tips are a great starting point) and enjoy mind-blowing sex – minus the chemicals.

Lifestyle factors such as career pressure and relationship issues may be turning your sex life from sizzle to fizzle.
Relationship problems can be a prime cause of stress. Identify what is lacking in your love life and talk it over with your man to get it back on track. Nutrition, exercise and drinking loads of water will also help alleviate stress and boost your libido.

Your body image affects your sexuality. Extra kilos may kill you libido and being too thin plunges your body into survival mode, leaving you with little energy and no desire for sex.
Being sexy is not about how much you weigh! Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Not only will you be in shape but you’ll also ooze sensuality.