Make Condoms More Fun

Safe sex and HIV-prevention is a serious matter. But it doesn’t have to put a damper on your fun in the bedroom on World Aids Day.

Thanks to COSMO’s genius tips, wearing protection will be so pleasurable, your man won’t ever bitch and moan about it again.

‘It’s as simple as choosing the right rubber, making him feel at ease and keeping the intensity high throughout the act,’ says sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, author of Sex With Your Ex (Adams Media Corporation). When you do all three, ‘he won’t have the usual anxiety about losing his erection or not being able to climax’.

Most people spend seven seconds choosing a condom, according to Trojan. But a last-minute dash to the 24-hour pharmacy can mean less satisfaction in bed.

Size matters. The right fit completely changes how a guy experiences sex with a condom. One that’s too tight reduces sensation, takes longer to get on (which can deflate his erection) and is more likely to break. If you can’t roll the condom all the way down to the base of his penis, it’s not large enough. That said, an oversized one can slip off and the extra material can make your man feel inadequate. Experiment with brands and styles.
Try a condom designed with a swirl or bulb at the end of it – it will say so on the box, usually with a word like ‘twist’ or ‘pleasure’ or ‘spiral’. These models fit securely around the base of his shaft while creating more friction near the nerve-packed head of his penis.
Consider a polyurethane prophylactic. Unlike latex, they transmit body heat, making intercourse feel more sensual.

Rolling one on doesn’t have to ruin the mood.

The faster you can slip on a condom, the less likely he is to go limp. Minimize fumbling by opening the wrapper during foreplay. Pull the condom out, and place two drops of lube inside. This increases sensation at the supersensitive head of his penis. Place the opening over the top of his shaft. Hold it there with one hand, lightly squeeze the tip of the condom, and use your other hand to unravel it all the way down to the base of his penis.
For a treat, use your mouth. Dab your lips with lube then lightly suck the (nonspermicidal) disc into your mouth with the nipple end inward. (If you’re apprehensive about this, try a flavoured condom.) Carefully wrap your lips over your teeth and put your mouth at the head of his penis. Push your lips against the ring of the condom, slide it down his shaft and unroll the rest with your hand.

A condom needn’t come between you, him and a climax

Squeeze your legs together in missionary or doggie-style to create extra pressure.
Make a V with your pointer and middle fingers then place it between your legs. Press it against the base of his penis as he thrusts. This gives him more stimulation where the condom is tightest.
Buy a vibrating ring. It is a plastic band attached to a buzzing nub. Place the band around the base of the condom, with the nub facing your clitoris and enjoy the pulsating ride.