Lead Him On

Turn your guy on before he gets home with sexy tunes, steamy phone calls and saucy texts.

Forget waiting patiently for your man to make the first move. Get the ball rolling with these sexy take-charge tips – before he’s even arrived your door.

Download some racy tracks onto your partner’s iPod. Next time he’s looking at his playlist, he’ll notice a new addition – and with a title such as ‘Hot ‘n’ horny tunes from me’, he won’t hesitate to hit the ‘play’ button. Here are some suggestions:

Ego by Beyoncè
U R a Fever by The Kills
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Oops (Oh My) by Tweet, featuring Missy Elliot
Sexy MF by Prince and The New Power Generation
I Touch Myself by the Divinyls
Erotica by Madonna
Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus by Serge Gainsbourg
Turn Me On by Norah Jones
I Want Your Sex by George Michael
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Chatting on the phone needn’t be all talk and no action. If you’re brave enough, you can indulge in a seriously naughty adventure for two. All you have to do is let your erotic imagination take charge. Author Anne Hooper takes us through the do’s and don’ts.

The rules
• Make the call when you won’t be interrupted (and check that he’s not going to be busy, either).
• Make sure your surroundings are as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Warmth, candlelight and perfume sprayed in the air will help create the right atmosphere.
• Sit or lie somewhere completely private and comfortable.

The action
• Start slowly and seductively telling him exactly what you’re wearing. (In other words, not a lot!)
• Don’t go overboard with porn-star-style screaming and shouting. Keep your voice breathy and sexy.
• Be truthful. Tell it like you’re really feeling it.
• Don’t fake anything.
• If you’re missing your partner, let him know. If there are things that you wish he was doing to you, make sure you voice them as graphically as possible.
• If there are things he’d like to have done to him, tell him exactly how you’d do them.
• Talk about self-stimulation. If you use a vibrator, let your partner know that – in your imagination – he is holding one and rubbing it against your clitoris and vagina.

Got texter’s block? Get going with our steamy SMS suggestions – he’ll be hot for you before he’s had a chance to hit ‘reply’…

• Multiply incredibly horny by home alone. What do U get?
• U know those sexy, black lace knickers of mine? Well, I’m not wearing them
• I’ve been watching a dirty movie and I’m feeling inspired…
• Satin sheets or cotton? Can’t decide which feels better on my naked body
• Just finished my pole-dancing class & am looking 4 an audience
• Bought a new scarf 2day. Need U to tell me how it looks… around my eyes
• My ice cream’s melting all over my body. What U gonna do about it?

1. Check for typos before hitting ‘send’.
2. Never get finger-flirty with a married man.
3. Pace it. Too long between texts and you lose momentum. Too fast and you lose anticipation. Just like sex itself, really…