House-Warming Party

It’s cold out, so we’re bringing you eight sizzling sex positions to heat you up when you’re stuck in doors. Don’t worry, they’re not confined to the boring bedroom.


NOTE: A great way to get him up

How it’s done: Kneel on the stairs with your elbows and lower arms resting on a step above you. Spread your legs slightly and raise your bum. Your man kneels on the step below you and enters you from behind. With his hands on your hips, he then thrusts. This position allows easy access to your G-spot – so prepare to be taken all the way to the top.

Difficulty: Your knees may take a beating, especially if you have hard wood or tile flooring. If your staircase is carpeted, it’ll feel softer but you’ll run the risk of serious carpet burn. It’s probably best to place pillows under your knees.


If you’re horny and have house guests

How it’s done: Politely excuse yourself from company by saying something about checking dinner, grab your man and quickly make your way to the closest closet. Be aware of the time you have (or, rather, don’t). Both get undressed as quickly as possible. You then stand with your back against the wall and wrap one leg around his waist. Facing you, he bends his legs slightly and enters you. Then, placing his hands under your bum cheeks, he lifts you up so that both your legs are around his waist.

Difficulty: The biggest challenge is keeping quiet so that you are not caught out – so concentrate on heavy breathing rather than shouting out lustily. Your man will also need a fair amount of strength to hold your weight. Once done, remember to check that your clothing is in place, your face is not too flushed and your hair doesn’t look too ruffled before going back to your guests.


NOTE: When you’ve got an incredible hunger

How it’s done: Sit on the kitchen counter facing your man with your hands leaning behind you. Standing between your legs, your man places his hands on the counter and enters you. Not sure what to do with your dangling legs? For a super-sexy variation, place your feet on his shoulders. While your man is thrusting, rock your body forward and back for deeper penetration and more momentum.

If the counter is too high, get him to stand on a footstool, some stacked phone directories, or any other handy household goodies that will give him height.


NOTE: You can be excused for having no table manners

How it’s done: Stand on the seat of a chair, facing the backrest, with your feet firmly on either side of the seat. Hold onto the back of the chair, bend your legs and push your bum backwards. Your man stands behind you, with his hands either on your hips or around your waist, and enters you from behind. He should move slowly in and out so that the chair does not rock and topple over.

You will definitely need strong leg muscles for this one because you are squatting the entire time. If this becomes too much trouble, and you are struggling to climax, get your man to sit on the chair and then straddle him.


NOTE: Serve yourself as a spread for afternoon tea

How it’s done:
You’re going to need a long, narrow coffee table for this one. Lie flat on it with your legs spread and rest your feet on the floor on either side of the table. Your man then lies on top of you, holds onto the edge above your head and pulls himself into you. You can use the balls of your feet to speed up momentum and assist with the thrusting.

Difficulty: Before you start, make sure to clear the coffee table of books, candles, vases, remotes or anything else that might cause discomfort (or danger) during your romp. You are limited to space here, so there should be no rolling over and cuddling once you’re done – your man could fall off the table and get hurt.


NOTE: The best way to come clean

How it’s done: First off, make sure that the shower water is the perfect temperature – not too hot or cold – and that the spray is not pointing directly in your face. There’s nothing sexy about the drowned-rat look. Stand facing the shower wall, with your legs slightly spread. Raise your hands above your head and place them against the wall, then lift your one leg and rest your foot in the soap dish. Your man holds onto your waist and enters you from behind.

Difficulty: You will definitely need to be limber to pull this position off. If your soap dish is too high, turn around and wrap your one leg around his waist. Remember: showers are highly slippery so be careful that neither of you lose your footing.