Gluttony Push-Up

Stock the fridge before you feed off this new position.

The kitchen

Stock up on sensual foreplay foods such as honey, ice cream or chocolate body paint to lick off one another, and a few pieces of fun fruit to nibble off your partner’s erogenous zones. When he’s whetted your appetite by licking honey all the way up your legs to your inner thighs, lie on your back. (You may want to lay a blanket on the floor for comfort). He kneels, supporting you by the hips, and enters you.

While he thrusts, support your upper body by leaning back on your forearms. Arch your back as you flick your pelvis up and clench your butt for maximum pleasure. He’ll love the way your body is offered up to him like a platter of delicacies – and you will savour powerful penetration and intense orgasms.