10 Sex Positions For REAL People

Because sometimes it’s tough to do it with your legs crossed

Because no good can come from a sex position named ‘the Praying Mantis’, our genius colleagues over at US COSMO came up with these:

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1. Selfie Missionary:
There’s nothing more romantic than documenting your love-making and sharing your passion with the world! Really get in close and share it on Instagram with a winking-face as the only caption.

2. Hipster Missionary:
Put those glasses on!

3. I-got-an-email Missionary:

Hold up, let me just respond to this email real quick. It’s super important, I’ll be with you in a sec.

4. Shoes-On Missionary:
You’ve both got your shoes on and it’s ok because it’s got you all hot and bothered. Just keep your feet off the sheets, because no one likes dirty sheets!

5. He-Pulls-Your-Hair Missionary:
This is for those that are really trying to be adventurous! Remember; don’t pull too hard, no one likes clumps of hair in their hands.

6. Meeting-For-The-First-Time Missionary:
Love a little roleplaying? Then this is the perfect position! Pretend you’re meeting for the first time and just pretend nothing is happening down there.

7. Too-Tired-To-Finish Missionary:
We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re just too tired to “finish” anyone “off”. Unfortunately, this time he falls asleep and he’s just too heavy to push off your pelvic bone that’s being crushed. But no worries, your sure he’ll roll over eventually.

8. Angry Missionary:
Accuse him of not contributing to your relationship, and then get really dirty by bringing up those dirty dishes that are still in the sink from yesterday.

9. Lights-Off Missionary:
Turn off the lights, making sure that you can’t even see what’s in front of you. Proceed with awkward fondling of face and nether-region

10. Socks-On Missionary:
Because when his feet are nice and toasty he’ll orgasm quicker, resulting in you being able to continue watching television.

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