Money Talks

It’s a topic that can get ugly… fast. But these tips will ensure that cash doesn’t come between you and your man.

Get on the same page
Maybe you want to travel while he wants to save for a house. ‘Discuss your common dreams and individual goals, and then compromise,’ says Olivia Mellan, author of Overcoming Overspending (Walker & Company).

Make a plan
Figure out whose job it is to pay the bills and monitor spending. ‘Having a system can reduce the anxiety around money,’ says organisational expert Julie Morgenstern.

Know your triggers
‘Talk through your hot money topics before they turn into arguments.’ For instance, if it drives you nuts that he never has any cash in his wallet, tell him. ‘But also tell him what you admire,’ says Mellan.

Have your own funds
‘It’s vital that you have your own money to spend as you like,’ says Mellan. ‘Your partner isn’t always going to agree with how you spend, so create some autonomy.’