Missing You

SA rockers tell us the things their girlfriends do that they miss when they’re on the road.

Being on the road, shuffling between gigs and cities, can take its toll on a relationship. These South African rockers tell COSMO the simple things their girlfriends do that they miss when they’re apart. You can borrow a few of their tricks too, to make your guy miss you…

‘My girlfriend makes little notes with song lyrics on them and leaves them in my pants pockets, my camera bag, my shoes, or my wallet. Every time I find one I get butterflies. She’s pretty awesome.’
– Nick Key, Captain Stu
*Photographer: Brett Schewitz

‘Just before we jumped in the van for a two-week long tour, my girlfriend put a box in my hand and said to open once we’d driven around the corner. To my delight it contained my favourite drink with a glass, ice and lemon, cards, a note, some magazines (COSMO of course!), a firelighter, pack of smokes, a bottle opener and a photo. Pretty much the best Jack-In-A-Box/lucky packet ever to make life on the road a little more bearable. That will make you miss somebody when you’re not even around the block yet.’
– Pierre Greeff, Die Heuwels Fantasties
*Photographer: JPhotography

‘She sends me MMSes. As soon as I get them, I know I have to get home as soon as possible!’
– Nathi Louw, Ree-burth
*Photgrapher: Motshegoa Motlhabi

‘She lives in Johannesburg, so that alone is tough, but I’d have to say the fact that she always text messages me when she’s driving, or out with friends, letting me know she’s thinking of me. It’s something we both do. And then there’s the naughty stuff too…’
– George van der Spuy, Taxi Violence
*Photographer: Richard Keppel-Smith

‘When I’m on tour, she calls to say she’s bought new underwear.’
– Andre Pienaar, Ashtray Electric
*Photographer: Adriaan Louw

‘She spends all her university textbook money on airtime to SMS me.’
– Greg Carlin, Zebra & Giraffe
*Photographer: Marcus Maschwitz

‘One night I was out and my better half was at home. I ended up getting a bit drunk and when I got home I was feeling a bit lonely, so I woke her up in the middle of the night and talked to her for ages on the phone. She listened to me fall asleep. That’s why girls are great; they make the smallest gestures seem like the greatest gifts. The next morning my phone was full of drool.’
– Andre Leo, The Pretty Blue Guns
*Photographer: Mark Reitz