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Want to know if hes right for you? Where he takes you on a date may reveal his true intentions…

On the first date, you’re sussing your man out, trying to decide what his chances of being The One (at least for now) are. You may need to look no further than where he chooses to take you out…

1) Le French restaurant
He picks you up, a dozen roses in hand, and whisks you away to a French restaurant, where he promptly orders champagne and summons the violinist to serenade you. He never once takes his eyes off you or lets your glass of champers run empty…in short, he seems perfect!
The up side: He really likes you and is seriously trying to impress.
The down side: Either his OTT romanticism will tire you out or you’ll find it’s just a routine he plays with every girl. Go with your gut feel – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

2) His dining room
He invites you to his house for supper. His place has that ‘just –been-cleaned-look’ and delicious smells waft from the kitchen. He’s even selected the right wine for the meal!
The up side: Inviting you into his personal space means he’s comfortable around you; and cleaning up his place is a good sign that he’s into you.
The down side: He thinks having you over at his place equals easy access. Have your boundary rules in check – and watch your alcohol intake. Make sure you know him well enough before going to his place alone.

3) The Dodgy Café
He takes you to a ‘rustic, quaint’ café for croissants and coffee. A different choice for a date, but you go along with it…right up until the R40 bill arrives and he expects you to pay half. Say what?!
The up side: He’s unpretentious and creative. In hip- hop speak, he’s real!
The down side: Guys who take you on coffee dates are infamous misers…expect to spend many a night emptying your purse of your last cents to pay for your own drinks /lunch / entrance to the club!

4) The Big Adventure
He arranges a surprise hot air balloon date for the two of you, with canapés and champers all round.
The up side: Ten points for spontaneity and a sense of adventure. This guy’s not shy to spend his money on you!
The down side: He may be an adrenaline junkie – just looking for the thrill of the chase. Also, if adventure’s not your thing, you may be mismatched.

5) The Steakhouse Session
He takes you to his family’s favourite restaurant… complete with kids’ entertainment, rugby screening, and waiters crooning ‘Happy Birthday’ to the table next to you!
The up side: You can really be yourself around this guy. He’s loyal and has three loves: sports, friends and family.
The down side: After a while, everything that was endearing about him may start to irritate you as you realise that he’s not childlike, but childish.

6) The Liquid Lounge

He invites you for post-work drinks at a trendy lounge in town.
The up side: You can keep your options open – if the date’s going badly, you can cut it short; if its going really well, drinks may become dinner…
The down side: He’s also keeping his options open; sussing you out to see if he’s into you. He’s non-committal and casual and nothing serious may come out of this ‘date.’

7) The House Party
He invites you to a friend’s party, together with his whole crew and their girlfriends.
The up side: He’s proud of you and wants to show you off.
The down side: Taking you to a free party means he’s trying to get out of paying for a proper date. If you have a sneaky feeling the latter is the case, kick him to the curb!

8) The Function Date
You never hear from him unless he’s calling to invite you to a wedding/his boss’ party/launch or promoter’s bash…
The up side: Obviously, you’re the chosen ‘accessory’ date. Use this opportunity to look fab and schmooze in top circles!
The down side: He’s either too busy to date or desperately trying to cover up his homosexuality/boring wife at home. If the arrangement is mutually beneficial, keep on, but if you really like him, it’s time to drag him out of your closet!