Little Touches He’ll Love pg1

The right move can up your intimacy with your man, even if you’re in public.

Few guys want to get caught gazing lovingly into your eyes across a coffee-shop table or cuddling up all cutesy while watching manly athletic events in a sports bar. But there are some public displays of affection that dudes do get into – namely, the ones below.

The Arm Lock That casual way you lace your arm through ours as we walk side by side might seem subtle, but it’s one of those traditional, old-school gestures that makes us feel strong, protective, and desirable – even if we’re actually more skinny than studly. ‘I love knowing my girlfriend feels safe around me,’ says Andrew*, 23. ‘And when she grabs my arm, it’s like she is excited to be seen with me and wants other women to know I’m hers.’
The Stealth Caress
The Whisper
The Bum Grab

*Names have been changed