Flirting Tricks

Flirt with finesse with these come-and-get-me tricks.

1. Practice ‘The Look’. Stare straight at someone, look away quickly, dip your head and then look back, dropping your chin slightly. It might sound ridiculous, but it really works to signal interest.

2. Sit or stand at an angle to our flirtee. Then tilt your head downwards, but look upwards towards them.

3. Always have beautiful ‘detail’. Perfect nails, a stunning necklace, a tiny henna tattoo, the latest book… people will want to know more.

4. Learn to accept compliments with grace. Thank the person who has blessed you with a positive comment like, ‘Thanks, it’s new,’ or ‘Thanks, I’m so pleased you think so.’ They’ll feel clever and perceptive, and you’ll feel immensely flattered. After all, claiming you actually look a wreck says nothing for the other person’s taste, does it?

5. Pout slightly, but make sure you don’t simply look sullen or bored.

6. Drop your voice a note. Most of us speak more loudly than we need to. You’ll sound instantly sexier and more attractive and he’ll have to lean in to hear you. Don’t shout into his ear, whisper seductively into his neck.

7. If you can hear it, blink in time with the breathing of your intended victim.

8. When looking at him, imagine his face is a triangle. Move across the forehead, then down to the chin and back up to the other side. Keep the first look above the neck.

9. Clean hair, clean teeth, sweet breath and neat fingernails are great flirting assets.

10. Be clear about what you want to communicate. It’s easy to get a man to sleep with you, harder to make them call. So flirt for friendship first.

11. Show interest when someone is talking. Looking over a shoulder or changing the subject is off-putting.

12. Lick your lips…

13. Never ask a person what they do for a living, it is seen as a sign you base your judgement solely on that. Instead ask what they enjoy doing. Nine times out of ten, they’ll enjoy telling you.

14. Lean in towards him, with the shoulder closest to him slightly turned down.

15. Blink slowly and flutter your eyelashes – but maintain eye contact with him.

16. Practice eye-contact with strangers so you’ll be ready when you need to appear confident.

17. Let your shoe dangle from your foot – it is subtle and playful, but very sexy.

18. Make little gestures as if you want to touch someone – but don’t do it.

19. Have some small-talk – the last film you saw or book you read – at the ready.

20. Make one first move to speak to someone you don’t know. The knock-on effects are potentially fabulous. However, if you are rejected, promise yourself you will try again another time.