7 Things Most Guys Have Thought About During Sex

Apart from the obvious things like, boobs, boobs, boobs, here are 7 other things most guys have thought about during sex…

burning kilojoules during sex

A guy’s mind becomes pretty simple when they are having sex. Apart from the obvious like, boobs, boobs, boobs, here are seven other things most guys have thought about during sex…

1. Did she peak?
It’s easy to tell when a man has orgasmed. I mean, if collapsing as if we just ran the Two Oceans Marathon isn’t enough, then I don’t know what is. So please understand that unless you’re a screamer, it’s quite difficult for us guys to tell when you’ve climaxed, when you just keep going like the the Energizer bunny. Is it okay if we keep going? Would you like us to finish up?

2. I really should’ve showered.
Murphy’s law. The one time we didn’t shower and you propose sexy time. We’re obviously not going to turn down the offer, but know that we are not proud of it. Musky body odour? Meh!

3. Not yet, not yet, not yet. Dead kittens, dead kittens, dead kittens…
Most guys aren’t 60-minute men, and we are terrified to peak too soon. So, some guys have a go-to mental image that they can dip in and out of when they feel the need to fight off an impending climax.

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4. What’s that on the wall?
Okay, this doesn’t happen all the time but I’m sure at some time during his life, when he’s on his back and you’re on top, he would have noticed something he’d never noticed before on the wall.

5. I’m doing it as hard as I can!
We love it when you ask us to go faster and deeper. But it’s a bit depressing and annoying when what you’re asking for is in fact what you are getting!

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6. Keep it slick and sexy, playa.
They do this so well in the movies. The guy always manages to take it from zero to hero, from the front door to the bed, without rolling onto his back to take off his socks or struggling to undo your bra. This is what us guys strive towards.

7. I wonder if it’s a good time to ask if she wants to try…?
All guys have fantasies, some they would like to try and some that are better off kept as fantasies. The fact is, he’s thought about asking you in the heat of the moment but he doesn’t because he’s afraid you’ll turn him down. So if you’re up for something new, best thing to do is to let him know what your fantasies are. Trust me, he will totes be up for it.

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