6 Signs He Thinks You’re The One

Here are the secret hints that he wants to put a ring on it

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You’ve been dating a while and wonder if he’ll ever pop the question. Here are the little signs that he’s probably considering it.

1. He has married friends
If he’s got friends who have already tied the knot, chances are he’s in the same mind set by now too. If you’ve been accompanying him to more of his friends’ weddings lately, the thought of his own wedding has probably crossed his mind.

2. He likes it when you hang with his friends
We don’t mean he wants you hanging around at all his boys nights out. But if he’s introduced you to his friends and likes having you around his social scene, he wants to have you around for a very long time.

3. He includes you in family plans
Introducing you to his family is a big step. And if he thinks of you when planning or going to family events, chances are, he sees you as a part of the family too.

4. He’s talked about moving in together
It takes a lot from a guy to want to give up his bachelor pad for you. If he’s mentioned living together, he sees you in his everyday life and likes thought of waking up next to you.

5. You’re asked for career advice
A guy holds his career in very high regard. If he’s telling you about job stresses and successes, or even asking for your take on career moves, your opinion is very important to him. It means he trusts you a lot and probably sees you as his equal and partner.

6. He’s joked about having kids with you
Believe or not, but guys think about parenthood too. And if he’s talked about bringing kids into the world with you (even if he says it in a jokey way) it means he’s given the thought some weight.