13 Signs that He’s THE ONE

Read on if you’re wondering if he’s a keeper…

Read on if you’re wondering if he’s a keeper…

1. You’re shopping together and you buy something as simple as deodorant or moisturiser, and he says,’ Ooh, I must remember that.’ Hmmm – perhaps for when you’re married and HE goes out to do the grocery shopping… Aaah…

2. He asks you if you want to have children one day (in a casual, relaxed way, of course), and goes on to tell you what names he’d want for a boy or girl (hinting that he’d want a child with you in the future).

3. He adores your body – even your freckles, dimples, frizzy hair and rounded curves. He loves ALL of you.

4. He gets a promotion at work, and you’re the first person he tells (and vice versa). You both can’t wait to share your good news with each other.

5. He makes an effort to watch those ‘80s rom-coms because he knows they make you happy. And if you’ve both watched a scary movie together, he can’t admit to you that he’s scared, but is so relieved that you’re in bed next to him.

6. He knows (and loves) all your weird little habits and quirks – like squeezing the toothpaste from the top instead of the bottom of the tube or your crazy cat obsession. 

Okay, if you were this cat-crazy he’d run a mile, but you get what we mean.

7. He’s introduced you to his parents and you’ve spent a lot of time with his family but your parents live across the country, and he constantly asks when he’ll meet them. He wants to be a part of your world.

8. If he wakes up before you on a chilly day, he gently gathers the blankets tightly around you to make sure you stay warm.

9. He loves it when you join him and his friends for a drink – even if you’re the only girl.

10. You return home after a big night out (tequila, Sambuca AND Jäger were involved) and he stays with you in the bathroom and holds back your hair while you get sick, and then carries you to bed.

11. He bakes … and doesn’t let you help him because he wants to watch YOU enjoy what he’s made.

12. He sings to you.

13. When you wake up next to him you no longer feel the need to sneak off to the bathroom to brush your teeth and make yourself presentable – he makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.