10 Words That Mean Something Entirely Different When You’re Single

Words that take on a different meaning when you’re single. Take a look.

Take a look at how words mean something different when you’re single

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1. Weekends:

What it means: A beautiful Saturday and Sunday spent with your LOVER
What it means when you’re single: Lying in bed until 1 pm and deciding not to shower for the rest of the weekend because, YOLO

2.  Wine:


What it means: A delicious alcoholic beverage used to unwind after a long day
What it means when you’re single: A delicious alcoholic beverage that’s become your best friend

3. Supper:


What it means: The consumption of various foods that often take place during social gatherings because you’re a couple
What it means when you’re single: Eating anything that you find in your fridge becasuse you don’ really care.

4. Cuddling:


What it means: A comfortable and romantic interaction between you and your partner usually bringing you closer (literally and metaphorically)
What it means when you’re single: You forcing a hug out of your pillow or pet

5. Shaving:

What it means: The removal of unwanted hair in order to seem more attractive to your significant other.
What it means when you’re single: Allowing Mother Nature to take its course because you don’t care. But on the bright side, it keeps you warm at night!

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6. Commitment:


What it means: A promise that is usually made between two people that love and care about each other.
What it means when you’re single: A pledge that you have made to yourself, usually in the mornings, that you will see you’re beloved bed again soon.

7. A Date:

What it means:
A meeting of two people that will usually lead to a relationship (if the odds are in their favour)
What it means when you’re single: Just another day on your calendar.

8. Third Wheel:

What it means:
The difference between a bicycle and a tricycle
What it means when your single: An uncomfortable situation that you are unwilllingly placed , forcing you to witness individuals who’s love lives are flourishing.

9. Fish:


What it means:
An aquatic creature who enjoys swimming in the ocean and lives there. 
What it means when you’re single: The quote – “There are other fish in the sea” ring any bells? Enough said.

10. Single:

What it means: Being romantically unattached to someone
What it means when you’re single: You’re fabulous honey!

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