10 Signs You’re With Your Partner For Life!

10 signs you will be with your partner for LIFE !

We’ve all wondered whether the guy we’re with is actually the one we’re meant to be with for the rest of our lives. There’s no way to know for certain, but these 10 signs might just give you a good indication about whether you’re on the right track.

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1. You both share the same values:
When it comes to the big things in life, you both share a similar viewpoint. When it comes to relationships, this is always a good thing!

2. You plan your future together
Whether you’re discussing big or small things, you both plan your future together on a daily basis.

3. They don’t want to change you
It’s always a plus when you’re with someone who wants to be with you for you. Whether you’re messy or a neat-freak, he loves you for who you are!

4. Saying “ I miss you” isn’t just a polite courtesy
You mean every word when you say it and you know your man does too

5. You have nothing negative to say
When all your friends are complaining about their guys all you can do is sit back and say nothing, because really, there’s nothing bad you can say about your partner.

6. You’re close with each others family
When you’re part of his family and his part of yours, keep him!

7. All you want to do is go home and talk to him
His not just your boyfriend; he’s the person you talk to about your day, seek advice from and the first person you call if your receive good or bad news.


8. They love your friends
He loves your friends and encourages you to spend time with them.

9. When you know, you know
When all is said and done trust your intuition. If you can’t picture yourself with anyone else, and the mere sound of his voice makes everything seem right in the world, you know you’re with someone special.

10. You read this article and smile because everything applies to you!

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