10 Hilarious First-Date Awkward Moments

We’ve all experienced that one cringe-worthy date…

We’ve all experienced that one cringe-worthy date…

1. When you spot your ex on a date at the same venue.


2. Accidentally farting or burping…

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3. The dreaded uncomfortable silence.

4. You accidentally spit out your food while laughing and it lands on him.

5. He goes on and on about his ex.

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6. You fall off your chair…

7. Your phone rings and the ringtone is Abba’s Dancing Queen. And he’s like:

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8. You move in to kiss him hello on the lips and he tries to kiss you on the cheek OR he pulls back… 




9. When he’s kissing you good night he suddenly grabs your boob.

10. He arrives with a ventriloquist doll and only talks through the doll – the entire evening.

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