Instagram is removing *this* tab and it’s going to make stalking harder

Farewell beloved.

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Stalking has been around for a long time, and this sometimes dangerous – but always questionable – pastime has been made easier (and considerably more acceptable) since the advent of social media.

Few people can claim that they haven’t done some serious deep diving into other people’s feeds at least once, and the apps we use can make tracking people’s lives and movements that much easier… and kinda fun. Humans are just creepy like that. Instagram, however, has just removed one of their settings, and it is going to make stalking trickier. Yes, people, the Following tab is leaving us as of this week. Throw a funeral, or throw a party – it’s up to you!

Farewell, Following tab

Up until this week, there was a tab on Instagram – the Following tab – which showed users the activities of the accounts they were following.

And just in case you’re thinking that this feature was discontinued to try and curb stalking, you’d be wrong. It’s actually – according to Instagram’s head of product – because most account holders didn’t even know it ever existed. So, in order to keep the app simple and user-friendly, it was removed. Just like that.

So how exactly are you going to find out who’s liking what on the ‘gram now? The old-fashioned way – by going on to someone’s account and scrutinising them for information. Just don’t hit that heart by mistake!

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