7 of the best kisses that will leave you both wanting more

No.6 is giving us major romantic vibes

The best kisses are like magic – it’s a combination of timing, chemistry and the person you’re smooching with. 

When was the last time you and your partner just… kissed? Kissing tells your partner that you’re into them. So why not pucker up and get back to basics with bae. 

Here’s our list of 7 of the best kisses for showing affection, creating intimacy and making things steamy. Also, don’t forget that you need the best toothpaste for fresh breath


1.The Spiderman

Inspired by the famous scene where ‘Spiderman’ kisses Mary-Jane. Maybe avoid hanging halfway down a building and use your bed or couch instead – it has the same effect, promise! 

2.Royal Hand Kiss

A person kissing the top of another’s offered hand is quite formal. This traditional ritual doesn’t really imply affection, so to fix that, when your S.O is kissing your hand, maintain eye contact with them for a deeper sense of connectedness. 

3.Air Kiss

It’s often displayed by two people who lean in close for a kiss while puckering their lips but never actually kiss. Make this your go-to with bae when the mood is playful.

4.The Eskimo

Arguably the cutest kiss you can think of. Some people might find it corny for couples to rub noses but if it’s your unique couple thing, then own it. Eskimo kisses involve no lip touching and it’s intimate without being sexual. 

5.French Kiss 

This is probably the most common and intimate kiss of all time. It requires an open mouth and a bit of tongue and there’s almost no other kiss that connects two people more. But seeing as this requires some tongue action, we recommend you use Closeup toothpaste to ensure fresh breath before leaning in for that kiss. 

6.Forehead Kiss

The sweetest kiss of them all. With a gentle and lingering press against your S.O forehead makes it compassionate and warm. It communicates love in a non-sexual way and is typically reserved for someone really special. 

7.Peck on the cheek

There are two ways this kiss can go down: by greeting a familiar face with a peck on each cheek or placing your lips on one cheek. 

Kissing is our way of showing love to the people most important to us. You’ll always be ready for smooches when you use the best toothpaste for fresh breath

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