Can we make safe sex the norm now, please?

‘Yes!’ to playing it safe 😉

Safe Sex AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Let’s be real about sex safe real quick. Condoms haven’t always had the best reputation and have even been referred to as the ‘training wheels of sex’ – there when you need them with a new bae, but discarded as soon as the relationship hits commitment levels.

Stay home, stay safe 

Being in lockdown with your partner can be an exciting time to discover new things about one another but remember to protect yourself. Follow the advice of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and use condoms to enjoy safe sex and help prevent HIV infection, sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. 


It still feels so good

Contrary to popular belief, it’s been proven that wearing a condom prolongs an erection – which means safe fun for longer. Next time, ask your guy to apply a little lube before you put the condom on him so he can experience all the feels too.

Wrap it to reduce your risk

AHF is the largest global non-profit HIV/AIDS healthcare provider, and its mission is to rid the world of AIDS. Hilary Thulare, AHF South Africa’s Country Programme Director said:

Prevention prevails as the best choice. We are so committed to the effectiveness of condoms preventing new HIV infections that AHF distributed more than 50 million condoms globally last year – more than eight million of those in South Africa alone. 

LOVE™ and ICON™ condoms are free

AHF currently distributes LOVE™ and ICON™ condoms to their clinics in South Africa. Both brands are high-quality and free, and the manufacturers of the ICON™ brand have developed condoms to ensure that well-endowed men can enjoy safer sex in comfort. 


Visit to find out where you can get tested, and WhatsApp AHF on +27 66 319 2045 for more info. For more safe sex tips follow the brand on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

This post is sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation. 

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