Are you ready for the exciting world of varsity?

Let the good times (er, I mean hard work) commence 😉


First things first, congrats on passing your matric year and making it to varsity. That’s a massive accomplishment, babes!

We’ve all heard that going to varsity helps you to develop as a young adult and the more you make of it, the better. But no-one ever says what the next step should be, so we’re here to share a few things that worked in our favour. 

A sleeping pattern is kinda important

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many first-years hit their snooze button a bit too often. If we’re being real, five more minutes of sleep won’t do much for you if you only went to bed at 5am. So finding a rhythm to get at least eight hours of sleep is important to balance your social life and studies.

Be your own hype woman

Varsity could be the best time to reinvent yourself – you’re basically surrounded by strangers and could even be far from home. But don’t change your entire identity just to fit in. Be the best hype woman for yourself, explore new things and make friends. 

Lectures are non-negotiable, babes 

That includes the ones at 8am and 7pm. Yeah, there are exceptions to be made – life happens – but try to avoid skipping too many lectures. Before you realise it, you could have missed an entire chapter’s worth of lessons. If you perform poorly, you may have to study for a supplementary test when everyone else is celebrating the end of the exam season. 


Yes to a self-care routine

Between attending lectures, studying for exams and staying in touch with new friends, there’s very little time to sit back and focus on you. But if you want to make it out of varsity in one piece, practising self-care should be a lifestyle, not an event. The spa dates and coastal vacations are great, but don’t forget basic self-care tips like eating healthily, doing moderate exercise, and stocking up on toiletries such as toothpaste for fresh breath. Varsity is stressful enough without having to worry about body odour and bad breath.

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