Here's Where You Can Find the Panic Button on the SA Uber App

It can give support for both passengers and drivers for any safety incidents.

After many fearful moments involving scary uber rides or attacks by other drivers, Uber SA has finally launched a panic button in-app so that passengers can feel safe while on a trip.

Passengers can find this option by:

  1. Clicking on the Shield icon called the Safety Toolkit
  2. A consultant from ICEplus Incident Management Centre will then assess the nature of the incident and will then either send a third-party private security company or a medical response team to the location where the rider is
  3. The consultant will stay on the line until you are safe

‘We are thrilled to be able to offer this feature to riders. ICEPlus has integrated perfectly with our app and will provide a better experience for riders,’ Alon Lits, the General Manager for Sub Saharan Africa is quoted by Business Insider as saying.

The Safety Toolkit can also give passengers info about the screening processes for Uber’s driver, the rider injury protection, and community guidelines.

And ICEplus can give support for both passengers and drivers for any safety incidents which includes accidents and hijackings.

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