This South African Opera Singing Uber Driver is Heading to Hollywood

Life is a wild ride!

One day you’re just a singing Uber driver and the next you’re a viral sensation heading to Hollywood. Well, probably not for most of us. But that’s pretty much exactly what Durban Uber driver and classically-trained amateur Opera singer Menzi Mngoma is probably going to call his memoir one day. Okay, the title needs work but the point is THIS STORY IS INSPIRATIONAL.

The stars really aligned back in May when Menzi’s Uber passenger Kim Davey recorded him singing in the front seat while on a trip in Durban. Kim thought his voice was just too good not to share and uploaded the clip to her Facebook page.

The internet did its thing and the next thing you know, the clip had been shared far and wide, racking up more than 750K views on Facebook alone!

The hype around Menzi Mngoma’s undeniable talent quickly lead to invitations to perform at various events around South Africa and now, he has been invited to perform at an event in Hollywood this December!

He’ll take the stage at IPOP, a 5-day talent convention hosted in Tinsel Town every second year, where there will reportedly be more than 200 agencies in attendance, hoping to spot their next star amongst the thousands of talented hopefuls from around the world.

But making your dreams come true ain’t cheap, so Menzi is hosting a crowdfunding campaign to make his trip a possibility. And he’s not letting his newfound fame go to his head, sticking to his day job for now. ‘I still enjoy meeting people on trips, who get excited to travel with me. They take photos with me. I feel like a special person. I get offered lunch and drinks,’ Menzi said.

So if you’re looking for your next good deed, or hoping to get some good Karma, donate to Menzi’s Backabuddy campaign and help make his dreams come true! Click here to donate.

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