These Accessories Will Help You Save Space in Your Car

Be gone with thee, clutter and mess! Useful accessories to help add space and storage to your car…

While everyone wants a car with loads of space and storage compartments, this often comes at a price. Perhaps you’re also nowhere near financially ready to upgrade to a bigger car. But this doesn’t mean you can’t add more space to your current vehicle.

There are a number of nifty car accessories out there that can help you increase your car’s space and storage. We’ve found five that we think are pretty great…

Car Boot Organizer

Be gone, clutter and mess! The Starling’s Eco-Friendly Cargo Storage Container expands up to roughly 70 cm with loads of compartments to store things like groceries, emergency tools, cleaning products and household items. Click herefor more.

Console Side Pocket

This car seat organiser not only stores things like note pads and phones, it also acts as a car seat catcher – you know, for those items that seem to fall through the gap and vanish for all of eternity. It’s easy to install and fits mosts vehicles. Click here for more info.

Car Backseat Organizer

The M’Baby Car Backseat Organiser is the answer to every parent’s carpooling problems. It’s easy to install and super handy for storing things like water bottles, wet wipes, kids entertainment and toys. Click here for more.

Universal Air Vent Car Cell Phone Holder

Sure, there are loads of cellphone holders out there but to save space you need one that isn’t going to take over the entire dashboard or obstruct the visibility from your windscreen. This universal air-vent is magnetic and can be set up in seconds. Click here for more info.

Stash Away Car Trash Can

A space saving, leakproof car trash bag attaches to your car’s console and help to clear the clutter from those school runs and family weekends away. Click herefor more.

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