The #WooliesWaterChallenge Is All over Our TL's and We Can't Stop Laughing

Exquisite, Photosynthesis, Amalgamate

Twitter user @Bab_Sinkila caused a stir yesterday when he posted a video of himself and his friends (@MossBanele, @MabokoItumeleng and @gomolemon_) leaving a Woolworths store speaking isiZulu saying that that ‘apparently the water has special powers’ until they drink from the Woolworth’s brand water and their accent changes and they start speaking English, using words like ‘amalgamate’ and ‘metamorphosis’

The video was retweeted over 4000 times and even by celebs like Pearl Thusi and Maps Maponyane.

Watch it for yourself here:

And Woolworth’s was quick off the bait to respond:

And even poked a bit of fun at themselves using the ‘Summoning Circle’ meme that has been popular on Twitter lately:

Twitter was loving this video:

As well as Anele:

And DJ Fresh:

Of course this spurned a series of copycat videos and memes! Here are some of our faves:

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Featured Image: Woolworths

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