The Steamiest Scenes to Stream on Showmax

Enjoy some QT with a couple of your favourite sexy TV shows

You know the drill. It’s a cold winter’s night, you’re ready to hunker down with your laptop and, like, half a bottle of red wine left over from your housemate’s dinner party, and just spend some QT with a couple of your favourite sexy TV shows. But what’s a girl to watch when there’s literally a world of entertainment out there? Allow us to share with you five of the hottest, spiciest, steamiest sex scenes to stream on Showmax RN.

The Steamiest Scenes to Stream on Showmax

1 Girls: S4, E1

Wow, where to begin. When Girls first hit the small screen, we were clutching our pearls as Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath, along with her ladies, exploded onto our screens with a bang (after bang, after bang). Fast-forward six seasons and we’ve seen every angle of every one of the girls, exploring their sexuality with a variety of guys … and girls. And then there were the guys with guys, too! There was so much to love about this funny, awkward, all-too-realistic show. But the most memorable sex scene has to be from season 4, episode 1, when Marnie and Desi are doing, um, butt stuff at the kitchen sink.


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2 Game Of Thrones: S1, E2

There are so many sex scenes in Game Of Thrones and more than a few of them are problematic (to say the least). Incest, rape, sex workers being victimised – it’s stomach-churning stuff. But in season 1, episode 2, there’s one of the series’ more tender love scenes. One that’s forever burnt into the memories of Khal Drogo fans the world over. After a rocky start to their arranged marriage (yikes!), Daenerys learns the of art of seduction from a hottie with a body and takes her newfound confidence to the bedroom (er, tent), where she takes charge of her gigantic husband. Who doesn’t want to see a gorgeous woman straddling one of the planet’s hottest semi-giants and taking ownership of her sexuality?

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3 The L Word: S5, E9

Honestly, the show is full of pretty steamy moments, but the season 5, episode 9 scene is particularly hot. In the middle of a heat wave, things can get pretty, um, moist. When the going gets hot, the hot get going, if ya know what I mean. Think, like, ice cubes and oral.


Billions: S1, E5

Billions could use a few more sex scenes like this one – hubba-hubba, fanning-my-neck hot – between a couple who really seems to enjoy the same stuff in life. Like, you know, money and swimming pools and sex with each other. They’re rich, they’re babes, and they’re getting it on in their pool.

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5 Naked SNCTM : the whole series

Wow, wow, wow. This docu-series goes behind the scenes of a real-life, super-exclusive sex club where the rich and beautiful get to live out their wildest, leather-clad, lace-bound, slippery-wet fantasies – so yes, there are a couple of pretty raunchy sex scenes. It’s a wild ride, but don’t be tempted to keep your ‘eyes wide shut’ *wink* for this one.

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You can find all these scenes and many more to keep you warm this winter in the Adults Only Collection on Showmax. Don’t have an account? No worries! You get 14 days free when you sign up, and after that it’s only R99 per month.

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