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COSMO rain data

During the lockdown, the magic words are unlimited rain data. With a rain 7-day unlimited data SIM card, you’ll be able to do more of what you love and keep up with the latest news. 

No matter how many times people are told there’s no need to stockpile, there’ll always be some guy overloading his trolley. But it’s not tinned spaghetti you have to worry about – the one thing you don’t want to run out of right now is data. 

Luckily, our April Influencer Issue comes with a rain SIM that gives you seven free days of unlimited data. Pick up your copy the next time you’re filling your trolley with other essentials or buy it online now. Then all you have to do is activate your SIM at rain.co.za and choose 19 hours of unlimited off-peak 4G data for only R250 a month, or unlimited 24/7 4G data for only R479 a month.




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Order your rain data SIM online here to feel connected during this time

Keep the love alive

You and bae might find yourself separated right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect. Get creative and make video calls your new date nights.

Too many series? No such thing 

When it comes to self-isolation and social distancing, you’re gonna need some distractions. There’s never been a better time to binge on your favourite Netflix shows and finally listen to that podcast you’ve had on your list. 

Get dressed and make a statement 

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean that you can’t get dressed and slay for your next Zoom meeting. Follow your fave style accounts or your fave online brands for style tutorials and have fun with it. 

Stay informed

Sadly, fake news spreads like wildfire and it can make people feel even more distrustful during this time. There are no dolphins in Venetian canals or elephants getting cosy in a town in China (who makes up these things?). So stay informed and check your facts by relying on reputable news sites, especially during this time.

Don’t quit exercising

Who needs a gym when you have so many free online workouts to choose from? Each day you could try something new – YouTube dance videos, yoga or cardio without any equipment in the comfort of your home. 

Keep learning

From Mandarin lessons to makeup tutorials, there are many courses and ways to upskill yourself during this time. Whether you’re ready to start that free Google course or learn from the best in the beauty industry, there’s no better time to start.

This is the one time in life you can be a hero by staying at home – and with unlimited, affordable data, you can keep doing what inspires you!

This post is sponsored by rain. Order your SIM online here and follow the brand on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for more. 

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