Virtual Spritzer Saturdays inspired by Brutal Fruit are gonna be your new fave thing

A whole new meaning to squad link-ups đź’—

Spritzer Saturdays Brutal Fruit

Spritzer Saturdays brought to you by Brutal Fruit, are giving us something to look forward to with our girls. Lockdown has certainly inspired us to hold onto the things that bring us joy – because, at this time, it’s what we all need and deserve.

What are Spritzer Saturdays?

Oh, just the ultimate virtual experience with you and your girls. Get dressed, do a face beat and get ready to feel connected to your faves while all sipping on your fave drink (a Brutal Fruit spritzer would be amazing but don’t stress – you can stock up after lockdown).


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Choose how you want to connect

Popular choices for your virtual hangout include Zoom and House Party. This new (temporary, we hope) norm will make it feel like your girls aren’t that far away.  

Spritzer Saturdays are unique to your group 

Every group dynamic is different – whether your Saturday is basically a series-binge day or time for an indulgent brunch, the beauty is that you decide how much effort is required.

If you’re opting for virtual cocktail hour, try the delicious and super-easy Brutal Lavender Spritz. All you need is Brutal Fruit, figs, a spoonful of sugar syrup and lavender for garnish. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have any of these ingredients while in lockdown, non-alcoholic drinks are great, too.


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Try this for your next Spritzer Saturdays brunch 

Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple Spritzer is a new variant from Brutal Fruit and makes for the perfect addition to your brunch. It’s made for everyone to enjoy and has a sweet and zesty blend of citrus and apple flavouring, with the perfect hints of spice, grapefruit peel and honey. It’s sweet, yet deliciously light. Although we can’t buy any alcohol with lockdown restrictions – it’s still something to look forward to.


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Tips for pulling off an epic brunch 

By now you know that Spritzer Saturdays brought to you by Brutal Fruit, are all about indulgence and fun. 

  • Decide on the yummy menu – extra points if you made something from scratch, but if you reached for the store-bought guac, hummus and chips, no judgies 
  • Have your Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple Spritzer chilled or make a Brutal Fruit-inspired cocktail 
  • Kick off the brunch by practising your fave TikTok dance as a group – laughter guaranteed! 
  • If your squad prefers a Zen approach, a quick yoga sesh could be a great way to start 
  • It’s munch time – dig into your feast 
  • Next, set up Netflix Party – it’s the best way to watch Netflix with your squad. Netflix Party synchronises video playback and adds a group chat to Netflix shows, so it’ll feel like your squad is right there with you, plus it’s so easy to set up! 

How will you be spending Spritzer Saturdays with your squad? Tweet us @CosmopolitanSA and let us know! 

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