There’s a new oat milk alternative in town: okja launches at vida e caffè

Bring on the delicious milk substitutes.

okja oat milk

Good news for anyone who is trying to ease themselves into a more plant-based diet: vida e caffè has just added okja oat milk to their menu. Okja is committed to making ‘milk’ that isn’t just sustainable and ethical, but delicious too. So you don’t have to suffer a crappy coffee just ‘cos you care about the planet and/or cows.

vida e caffè has been providing dairy substitutes since 2009 before Cowspiracy was even a thing. Since including soya milk on their menu they have also added almond milk in 2015 and coconut milk in 2017. And 2020 is the year of the oat milk. Or ‘oat m*lk’ as okja calls it.


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Many milk alternatives on the market have a list of ingredients as long as a Cotton On clothing label, but okja keeps it simple. The ingredients are oats (from Italy, ‘cos why not), water, a pinch of salt to balance out the sweetness of the oats, calcium, and a bit of cold-pressed sunflower oil to stick it all together.

The milk is developed for baristas, by baristas. This means their milk froths and foams just like dairy milk, so you don’t have to compromise on flavour and texture while doing your bit to save the planet. Their okja oat milk is rich and creamy, ideal for making silky flat whites and foamy cappuccinos.

Okja’s oat m*lk is available at all vida’s now and will cost you R8 extra.

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