Pringles have collaborated with an iconic South African seasoning for their new flavour

Tastes like delicious, crunchy chicken.

Aromat Pringles

It’s always a risk to mess with an already-perfect recipe but Pringles South Africa knew what they were doing when they chose one of our nation’s certified favourite seasonings as their new flavour. Aromat Pringles are now a thing.


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What’s not to love about Pringles? They’re bite-sized, they’re light to eat, and when you’ve had too many they politely let you know ‘cos your hand gets stuck in the tube. We also love them for their ambitious flavour mash-ups. Over in the UK, they get special edition Pringles like honey-glazed ham, Peking duck with hoisin sauce, and even a Prosecco and pink peppercorn for the festive season.

Now, they’ve paired with a South African staple, Aromat, to bring us Pringles x Aromat: Chicken Salt.

Aromat isn’t a South African company, however, we’re some of its biggest consumers. So much so that the Aromat Wikipedia page has a whole section about how much we love it. Vuyo Henda, marketing manager at Aromat said ‘Both Aromat and Pringles are iconic South African brands and are well-loved. Together we were inspired to create a new and exciting flavour that would appeal to a wide range of South African consumers.’

But how does it taste? You won’t be surprised to know that a snack with the words ‘Pringles’, ‘Aromat’, ‘chicken’ and ‘salt’ in its name is delicious AF. Some say it tastes similar to Flings, but without the experience of getting Fling residue stuck to the palate of your mouth for ages afterwards. Win-win.

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