WATCH: Nandos’ new advert has caused a stir and we love it

‘Beat the game that has been playing you.’

nandos mzansopoli game advert

South African restaurant chain, Nandos is no stranger to controversy. Especially when it comes to their advertising campaigns, they push buttons and usually poke fun at the political climate of South Africa. And they have done it again, with their latest ad, which presents a board game similar to Monopoly, called Mzansipoli. It shows a multi-racial family playing the game of ‘survival, corruption and confusion.’

Mzansipoli, with moves taken straight from the headlines, such as if you have the ‘white privilege’ card you don’t need to go to jail, you might get a payout but ‘black tax’ will take some of your earnings. Players also get to repossess land and make use of their squatters right. Plus there is a very apt Eskom joke.

The game does not actually exist but Nandos’ marketing manager Jake Johnstone is quoted by Business Insider as saying, ‘the game definitely exists, we’ve been playing it all along.’

‘Our satire only highlights existing conversations that are important to have if we are to beat a game rife with corruption and confusion. The explicit call to action in this ad is that we are facing a game where we’re all being played to some degree and we need to come together to beat this,’ Johnstone said.

Watch the full advert here:

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