South Africa is about to get the world’s longest over-ocean zipline

This is a beautiful, adrenaline-filled tour of the Indian Ocean like no other.

Mossel Bay Zipline

If you’re a thrill-seeker still mourning the loss of Ratanga Junction, you’re in luck. SA Forest Adventures, the company behind some of the most adrenaline-inducing activities in the country, is partnering up with Mossel Bay Zipline to bring the longest over-ocean zipline in the world to the Western Cape.


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First things first, what’s a zipline? If being strapped in a harness, hooked up to a long pulley and flying through the air at up to 80km an hour sounds like your idea of a good time then you are going to love it. SA Forest Adventures offer ziplining tours over the oak trees of Caledon, the mountains of Cape Town, and now the Indian Ocean.

The Mossel Bay Zipline will be 1 100 meters long, making it the longest over-ocean zipline on earth. If you can bring yourself to keep your eyes open as you fly over the sea, the scenes you’ll get are unparalleled. We’re talking unspoilt views of the cliffs, ocean and sea life, all from the discomfort comfort of a harness, high up in the air.

The zipline should be up and running by February 2020, if the weather plays nice. ‘Building one of the world’s top ziplines takes years and months of meticulous planning, not to mention the amount of funds needed for such a venture,’ says Mossel Bay Zipline’s Facebook page. ‘Once we have a fixed date for opening, we will post the date on our page as well as our website. Weather at this stage of installation has thrown us a small curveball and we simply waiting for better weather to finalise the date’

Mossel Bay Zipline
Mossel Bay Zipline

Although a zipline looks intimidating you don’t need any previous experience to ride it; all are welcome. You should wear closed shoes and relatively tight-fitting clothing (sundresses are not advised), and any flowing hair will be kept in place with a supplied hairnet. To save you from dropping your phone in the ocean while trying to get a zipline selfie, the staff will take a photo of you before and after your trip (preferably without the hairnet). Keep your eye on their Facebook page to hear when you need to plan your road trip to Mossel Bay.

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