Local Actress Phumzile Sitole Lands Role in 'Orange Is The New Black'

Now we’ve got a legit excuse to binge-watch

As if we weren’t hyped enough for the new season of Orange Is The New Black, we’ve just found out that Johannesburg-born Phumzile Sitole will be in it for nine whole episodes!

The South African actress studied Theatre and Performance at UCT, then moved to New York to get her Masters of Fine Arts at Columbia University last year. Since then she has had a role in The Good Fight, the spinoff to the super-successful The Good Wife, as well as a role in Shakespeare’s A Comedy Of Errors. Now her biggest role to date will be in the sixth season of Orange Is The New Black. Getting a gig with one of Netflix’s most popular shows is any actor’s dream and we reckon any day now she’ll be a household name (as soon as Americans get the pronunciation right).

In true South African style everyone has been congratulating Phumzile since the news broke, including fellow actress Kgomotso Christopher:

Even our Arts and Culture Minister revealed himself to be a OITNB fan and tweeted his congratulations:

The new season will be on Netflix on 27 July. And it’s perfect timing because Netflix has just launched Smart Download, which is going to make wasting hours of your life binge-watching a series so much easier. Now the app will automatically delete episodes you’ve watched and begin downloading the next episode for you without you even asking. This means you won’t have to waste precious time deleting episodes and freeing up space.

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