9 things we learnt at the COSMO Self-Love Sunday Brunch, in partnership with Strawberry Lips

More self-love, more power ?

COSMO Self-love Sunday

COSMO Self-Love Sunday was created as part of our #DearBoobs campaign to celebrate all women’s bodies. In a recent survey by COSMO, in which more than 1 800 women took part, we learnt that 60% of you wished your boobs looked different. So we partnered with Strawberry Lips to call on all women to love their boobs just as they are as well as honour Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Women supporting women 

Strawberry Lips is a proudly South African brand that is passionate about uplifting women and giving back, which is why this collab is so special. We brought together fierce South African celebrities, influencers and badass breast cancer survivors. So obviously, the COSMO Self-Love Sunday brunch was an inspiring event that made every guest feel empowered. 

The ultimate Self-Love Sunday event 

The lush Val de Vie Estate in Paarl was the setting for the COSMO Self-Love Sunday event on 27 October, and as guests walked in, they read the #DearBoobs letters in a gorgeous photographic display by Orms. Guests were also greeted with coffee and then made their way to their seats where they were spoilt with journals, an amazing goodie bag and a special Estée Lauder gift. 

Throughout the event, guests were able to have free bra-fitting consultations (thanks to Edgars), and enjoy Strawberry Lips cocktails as well as activations by MoussonEstée Lauder and Soda Stream. If you missed it, don’t worry – we’re sharing everything we learnt about practising self-love. 

9 tips from COSMO Self-Love Sunday

Self-love is different for everyone, but one thing’s for sure – more self-love means more power to you!

1.Embrace your uniqueness 

If we learnt anything from listening to the captivating stories by Boitumelo Rametsi, it’s this: your power lies in the things that make you different. From struggling with her image when she developed her skin spots, to covering up with layers of makeup, and eventually letting go and recognising her beauty, she now embraces everything that makes her unique. It’s the reminder we needed to be happy with who we are. According to her, if you want to be represented in media you’ve got to show up and just be you. She told us that brands are looking for unique people, but they’ll never find you or recognise your talent if you don’t put yourself out there. 

2.A small win is still a win 

Elzet Nel was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 22, and she told us how she felt ashamed of the fact that she didn’t experience some of the many difficult things that other breast cancer survivors have dealt with – like chemo or hair loss. But her biggest realisation has been that a win against breast cancer is still a win, no matter the severity or degree. She encouraged guests to celebrate every victory and step into their power. 

3.Representation matters and you matter 

When reading her #DearBoobs letter, Danni Bowler, who is a culture editor and writer, talked about the importance of realising that learning to love yourself is a process. Representation is something that Danni has championed throughout her life and work, and with her participation in the #DearBoobs campaign and the COSMO Self-love event, she reminded us of the responsibility we have to ourselves and others when we practise self-love and that it is important to always be inclusive.

4.Replace limiting beliefs with liberating ones

Celeste Stewart is the owner and director of Bold Curiosity, which is a learning and development consultancy. She offered guests advice and practical tools to champion their self-love plan. Of the many lessons, embracing liberating beliefs is one that has stuck with us since the event. A limiting belief is negative and puts restraints on your mind and what you will allow yourself to dream and believe. When you replace that with a belief that is positive and optimistic, you open yourself up to so many possibilities.

5.Validate yourself 

Another lesson from Celeste Stewart is the power of internal validation. Self-love is a journey for yourself, with yourself. No-one can do the hard work for you but when you rely on internal validation, you eliminate the possibility of giving away your power to others. When your validation stems from within, you will never look to anyone to confirm or celebrate your worth – you’ll already know and believe it. 

6.Be your own hype woman 

We all have an inner critic and inner mentor, who are our two life-long partners, says Celeste. Her advice is to pay attention to your inner critic, realise the critical thoughts you have, and then decide which partner is in control. It’s good to acknowledge your inner critic, but it’s a greater act of self-love to honour your inner mentor and be your own hype woman. Babes, you’ve got to believe in yourself more than what your inner critic wants you to. 

7.Move closer to your future self

As an act of practising self-love, consider having a gratitude journal. Celeste started the journalling workshop with an exercise that called on all guests to write down 15 to 20 things they loved about themselves. Use this as your first exercise to celebrate yourself and everything that makes you special. And if you struggle with it, consider what you could do to get yourself closer to embracing and celebrating things about yourself. For some, it could be about limiting negative self-talk or pushing through self-doubt. What are you going to do to get yourself there?

8.Everyone is an artist

Jana Terblanche is a boss babe and art curator who challenged guests to be vulnerable and explore their artistic flair. In a still-life, body-appreciation activity, she asked guests to draw their partner. It allowed them to see themselves through the eyes of a stranger. Around the room, you could hear women paying compliments to one another as they sketched what they saw in front of them. Often we can get caught up in obsessing over what we perceive as our flaws, but the drawing exercise forced everyone to get out of their own heads and have fun. Call up your bestie and try this exercise – you might be surprised by the results.

9.Caring for your body is an act of self-love

Whether that means eating healthy food, making a commitment to exercise or finding the bra that fits perfectly. Did you know that many women don’t know their true bra size? Wearing the incorrect bra size can result in unnecessary back pain and headaches, and can cause your boobs to sag. 

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Thank you to our fantastic partners, Strawberry LipsVal de VieMoussonEstée LauderEdgarsSoda StreamghdCNA and ORMS, for a memorable event! 

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