This is everything Kylie Jenner eats in a day

Bone broth?!

Kylie Jenner, diet

Kylie Jenner was recently interviewed by Harpers Bazaar about ‘having her cake and eating it too’ (you probably saw the Marie Antoinette-esque photoshoot all over your Explore feed). Besides chatting about motherhood, cosmetics and her family she also gave a peek into what she eats in a day. This is what the Kylie Jenner diet looks like:


Most of us are choosing between some form of eggs, cereal or muesli for our first meal of the day, but Kylie isn’t most of us. She starts every morning with a cup of bone broth. Mixed with lavender and lemon. IKR. Apparently it’s really healthy or whatever. If she’s not sipping on broth she’ll have a glass of celery juice, ‘I have, like, a whole drawer of in my refrigerator of just raw celery, so I will juice it fresh,’ she says.

For coffee, she’ll have a vanilla iced latte and her milk alternative of choice is oat milk. She is also a huge peach tea fan, which you’ll know if you’ve ever watched KUWTK ‘cos there are always takeaway cups of the stuff around the sisters.

As for Stormi, she eats blueberries, turkey bacon and bagels (apparently she loves bagels so much Kylie’s heard her saying ‘bagel’ in her sleep).


For lunch, Kylie mixes it up: ‘I can’t eat the same thing every day’, she says. She’s really into Mexican food and apparently loves making herself tacos. Other lunch dishes Kylie is a fan of include lemon chicken with white rice and veg, kale salad with jalapeños and croutons, and those huge salads from Health Nut, the Kardashian/Jenner’s favourite salad spot.


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Kylie loves cooking for her and baby Stormi but often doesn’t have the time. When she’s eating takeaways for dinner she keeps it healthy with fresh sushi. She orders sushi a lot, ‘probably way too much’, and particularly loves yellowfish sashimi, and spicy tuna on a rice cake She also orders litres of miso soup at a time from a nearby Japanese restaurant.


We were kinda hoping to hear that Kylie snacks on Jelly Tots and Kit Kats but no. ‘I’ve always loved pomegranate seeds,’ she said. ‘I could eat jars of them.’ She also keeps a pre-sliced apple next to her bed for late-night cravings.


Kylie’s ultimate cheat meat is a double cheeseburger from American fast-food chain In-N-Out with a side of chips and a Coke.

As tempting as it is to try to eat like Kylie, we’re not sure drinking bone broth every morning and pretending an apple slice is enough to curb late-night munchies is worth it.

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